Try Paintball - Everything you need to know! | Frequently Asked Questions
Paintball Frequently Asked Questions
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Paintball is an action-packed adventure game played by millions of people every year around the world! Players of all ages, shapes and sizes head to paintball parks every weekend to play for fun, while professional paintball athletes compete for prizes and money on the world stage at major events in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia! Players are split into teams and attempt to capture flags from their opponents, and protect their own flags by eliminating opponents from the game by marking them with paintballs fired from air powered paintball guns, all while wearing specifically-designed safety equipment to keep players safe from injury.

Is paintball fun?

Paintball has been described as one of the most enjoyable adrenaline action games in the world! Players work together with their teammates to run, dive, creep, crawl and sneak towards and around opponents to tag them with paintballs and attempt to capture an opposing team’s flag to win! Paintball, when played with friends and family, is enjoyable, great exercise and ideal for church groups, corporate team-building, school outings or just plain having fun outside, off the couch and in the action!

Why play paintball?

Paintball is fun! Nobody heads to the local paintball field looking for a second job. Paintball is a recreational game and sport played by millions of men and women of all ages and walks of life around the world each weekend who enjoy time with friends and family, an amazing adrenaline rush and a few hours off the couch and out of the house. Often compared to a live-action video game, paintball offers men, women, boys and girls an enjoyable, amazing experience like nothing else in the world!

Who plays paintball?

Paintball is an intense, thrilling, adrenalin-packed adventure game that’s certain to get the heart pounding as players run, crawl, sneak and battle to victory over their opponents! Nearly everyone who plays paintball for the first time is hooked and comes back for more thanks to the incredible rush and excitement of the game! Whether played in the woods, on urban-style combat courses or on the brightly-colored, spectator-friendly arenas used for tournament paintball sport competitions, the name of the paintball game is fun and it’s everyone’s job to make sure players have a great time!

Is paintball just for guys?

While many “guys” play paintball due to the adrenaline rush and athletic aspect of the game, paintball is most certainly welcoming to the ladies as well! There have even been several seriously competitive female paintball players, some of which have made it all the way to the professional level! While paintball may be considered an athletic, outdoor sport, paintball games are about teamwork, problem solving and having fun, and all of these things are open to men and women!

What is the Minimum age to play paintball?

Paintball is open to all ages, but while paintball safety equipment is, generally, one-size-fits-all, younger players often cannot be safely fitted with goggles and face masks, limiting ages to around ten. However, the advent of low-impact paintball and more youth-specific equipment has opened the doors to even younger paintball players, allowing children as young as eight and nine to get in on the action and fall in love with paintball in a safe, organized and supervised environment!

What does paintball cost?

Paintball can be played inexpensively, with rental equipment and admission generally costing between 20 and 50 dollars for a day of play at any local paintball park, while more serious players who enjoy playing regularly and which to own their own equipment can spend hundreds on their equipment if they so-desire. Paintball equipment from safety goggles to paintball guns, clothing and accessories are available at prices to fit almost any budget or preferred style of play.

What is Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact paintball is an updated form of the game designed to make paintball more enjoyable and accessible to a wider array of players by making the game more affordable and reduce or in most cases completely remove the “sting” of being hit by an incoming paintball. This has been accomplished by reducing the size of the paintball used for play from .68 caliber, roughly the size of a gumball, to .50 caliber. This smaller, lighter projectile, fired from paintball guns at a lower speed, transmits less energy to the target it hits. Bottom line, it doesn’t hurt. If you were worried about trying the game of paintball, or allowing your child or spouse to try the game of paintball because you heard it might sting, Low Impact paintball is your answer! Paintball playing parks and fields worldwide have begun to roll out Low Impact Paintball games for younger players, birthday parties and new players, taking the trepidation out of walking out onto the field for the first time!

Are reservations necessary?

Reservations are generally required to play the game of paintball if players intend to bring a large group. For example, those intending to enjoy a day of paintball with a bachelor party, church group, birthday party or corporate business outing should contact their local paintball park to set up reservations, especially because most parks and fields offer private group rates and even package discounts and deals for parties and groups! That said, more experienced players, once they’ve acquired their own paintball equipment, often simply show up at the local field for “pick-up” games or “walk-on” games in which players are separated by skill level to ensure a safe and enjoyable day of play!

What should we bring to play paintball for the first time?

A first day of paintball can be daunting for many reasons, including the worries over what to wear and what to bring! As most professional paintball parks and playing fields offer everything from coveralls to rental equipment and even a snack bar with hot and cold food and drinks, all new players really need to bring is a desire to have a great time with friends and let the professionals do the rest! An old towel to wipe sweat and excess paint splatter, a change of clothes and some wet-wipes for cleaning up before the ride home are never a bad idea.

Is paintball safe?

Statistically speaking, paintball is one of the safest games and sports in the world! Paintball is safe because the entire industry prides itself on the safety of its players and customers – if the game wasn’t safe players wouldn’t come back! Paintball is safe because official paintball playing parks are fully insured and offer for rent and sale all the necessary safety equipment to play the game, which is required for all players. This equipment includes safety-certified paintball goggles with a full face mask and ear protection, safety netting surrounding each field preventing paintballs from exiting the field where they might strike unprotected spectators, and because all paintball markers must be adjusted to shoot paintballs below a safe “speed limit” by firing them over a chronograph – essentially a radar designed to measure the speed of a flying projectile. All paintball parks are staffed by knowledgeable referees and field staff whose job it is to ensure each player is safe and having a great time, every single time! Paintball is safe, and paintball is fun!

Does paintball hurt?

While the staff at every professional paintball park or playing field does its best to keep players safe and safety equipment is used to prevent injury, paintballs can sting on impact to bare skin. Players are encouraged to use equipment available for rent or sale at paintball parks from overalls and neck protectors to gloves and padded chest protectors to take the “sting” out of their first few games. For younger players or those just beginning their paintball adventure, many playing parks now offer “low impact” options of play in which smaller paintballs fired at lower speeds are used to practically eliminate the sting from the game, making paintball safe and fun for almost all ages!

What if I don't have equipment?

Don’t have paintball equipment but want to try the game and see if it’s for you? No problem! All local paintball parks and playing fields offer rental equipment, and can set any player up with all the equipment they need to play a fun and safe day of paintball in just minutes! Some paintball parks even offer more experienced and advanced players the ability to upgrade their rental equipment with more comfortable, fog-free paintball goggles and more advanced paintball guns!

How long is a game of paintball?

While most who visit the local paintball field or playing park for a day of play often spend the day there, the paintball games themselves are generally limited to between fifteen minutes and half an hour each. As most paintball fields and parks offer multiple playing fields which different types of cover or “bunkers” to hide behind to keep the game interesting, players will general play a game or two per field, head back to a central staging area to wipe off and reload, then head to another field to play more games, led by referees and paintball field staff. It isn’t uncommon during the course of a day at the local paintball field for players and groups to play multiple different playing fields and enjoy five, seven, ten or even more games of paintball, ensuring everyone has an amazing time!

Is paintball bad for the environment?

Paintball is one of the most environmentally-friendly and ecologically conscious games, sports and industries in the world! Paintballs are made from biodegradable, water-soluble and completely non-toxic gelatin and as many paintball fields and parks offer wooded courses and playing fields, they regularly groom grass and do all they can to preserve their natural environment. Littering at paintball parks is prohibited and most recycle everything from plastic and cardboard waste to aluminum cans from lunchtime. Paintball, as a sport and industry, celebrates being outdoors enjoying our beautiful world.

What are paintballs made from?

I think I know what a paintball “gun” is, but what is a paintball “marker?”

Paintballs are fired from air-powered, safety-speed-checked guns, but as paintball got its start decades ago with a handful of players using air-powered, bolt-action pistols designed for use by forestry service employees to mark trees, “marker” is also a term used to describe the paintball-firing equipment used to play the game. Paintball “gun” and paintball “marker” are therefore generally interchangeable terms.

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Can I watch paintball before I play?

Surprisingly, paintball is a spectator-friendly sport! At the professional level, paintball is played on television and before grandstands full of spectators who are kept safe by paintball-proof netting that surrounds the fields, keeping the paintballs safely inside. Most professional paintball parks and playing fields off spectator-friendly fields with bleachers and safe areas that allow parents, friends and those who aren’t quite sure about this whole thing yet the ability to watch and see for themselves before pulling a pair of goggles over their head and picking up a paintball gun! Head to the local paintball field and take a look, or visit to watch a few professional matches and see what the amazing world of paintball is all about!

Do paintballs stain clothing?

As a general rule, paintballs do not stain clothing as they are made from biodegradable and water-soluble gelatin. Most paintballs wipe off and out of clothing and just about anything else with warm water. However, should paintball players leave their splattered clothing in the dirty clothes hamper at home or in the trunk of the car for a more than a few days before washing them, faint outlines of paintball splats may be found on lighter colored clothing. This is why old clothing is generally a good idea for a first day of play, and why most players, once they’re hooked on the game, purchase paintball-specific clothing like jerseys, t-shirts and pants to wear during play.

What should I wear to play paintball?

As paintball is generally played outside and players will be running, sliding, crawling, ducking and diving (not to mention being splattered with paint) it is recommended that players wear old clothing that might get a little muddy or grass-stained, as the paintballs will wash out but grass sometimes does not. Covering of bare, sensitive skin like the neck is always a good idea, so many first-time players choose a pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt to play their first game of paintball. Wearing high-topped shoes or hiking shoes or boots is a good idea to provide ankle support and traction to avoid twisted ankles. Safety equipment like goggles, gloves, chest and neck protectors are generally available for sale or rent at local paintball parks for players who desire to wear them.