Try Paintball - Everything you need to know! | Everything you need to know about Paintball!
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Special Introductory Offer: 

$300 Battalion Low Impact Party for 10 Players (Save up to $450.00)

What does the Battalion Low Impact Party include?

– 2 hours of fast paced Low Impact Paintball fun for up to 10 players.

– Safety orientation and equipment training

– Full set of equipment for each player

– Paintball goggle with full face protection

– Low Impact Paintball Gun

– All the air fills required to play

– 200 Paintballs per player (total of 2000 Paintballs for the party)

*More players can be added for an additional fee per player

The Battalion Low Impact Party is considered “private” which means your group will not be mixed with outside players.

A Low Impact Marker for each player

Tippmann FT50 Marker

A Full Protection Paintball Goggle

VForce Sentry Goggle

200 Paintballs per player

G.I. Sportz 50 cal Paintballs

What is Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintball “Paintball Lite” is an introductory format to the fast paced fun filled sport of paintball.  Low Impact uses a smaller caliber ball that requires less impact to break and marks with less fill to keep the game fun, action packed and friendly to the everyday public.  This form of paintball limits the players to the same equipment to keep the game fair and not give any one player an advantage while maintaining the essence of the game   This format was created to help ease new players into the adrenaline filled game of paintball with limited mess, a controlled playing environment and a mission to deliver the most fun to the player.  Low Impact paintball is ideal for Birthday parties, Corporate Groups, Bachelor Parties, or any other private party attended by all ages above the age of 8 years old.


  • All the fun and excitement of paintball with less sting.
  • Lower starting ages allows you to invite more friends.
  • Loader holds more paint than. 68 caliber.
  • Easy to use lightweight equipment.
  • Utilizes the exact same courses as standard paintball.

Why play Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact Paintball is used to introduce everyday people to the wonderful game of paintball in a controlled manner.  Paintball has many levels of play utilizing many different types of markers with varying capabilities.  A first time player can be intimidated by the different types of players, equipment and levels of play, so we have created Low Impact Paintball to allow the first time player to fall in love with the game of paintball and enjoy the game for what it was meant to be – Glorified Tag